The problem with plastic is that is very cheap to make, recycling it usually costs more hence deposit/collection fees. Plastic is only one commodity though you can get from an electronic device, look at metals and even cardboard the profit margin is greater.

For example does it make sense to I recycle appliances, if it has refrigerant in it , you as the client will be charged to remove it. Many of the service companies that remove the refrigerant will store it, and then sell the refrigerant and all the clean metals seperately.

If it is a computer there are a lot of aspects to recycling. A lot of people ask the question if they will just be refurbished. And they are, all the time.

The first way for these companies to make money is "reuse", if a computer or laptop comes in, they attempt to repair it, and resell it as a refurbished item. Which is also the most sensible when it comes to recycling. It is efficient, fast, and makes the least amount of waste. Moving forward after this point, if the item cannot be repaired they start breaking a computer down to its raw commodities (plastic, metal, silver, gold, and etc) and they work in such a way it's like the stock market, buy low sell high.

Everything is a commodity, and one man's garbage is another man's gold.