When my husband gets an idea in his head he will stop at nothing to see it through to the end. Edging the sidewalks is one of his peevs and he finally had enough. So what did he do?

He modified our weed eater so it could be used as a trimmer.

Heoften has to struggle to edge the grass along the sidewalk. To help I was looking at edgers, but as we were looking at them it occurred to him that all he really needed was a wheel attached to our trimmer.

For the project he used a three-quarter inch PVC pipe, with threaded connectors. It was ideal sine he had some left over from another project but even if he had to pick some up I think he only needed about a foot or less of pipe. He still need to go to the hardware store to buy a 5 inch mower wheel, along with some bolts, nylon lock nuts, and some washers.

After a little tweaking for theheight he edged all of our sidewalks with one hand and almost no effort.